metrics-reporter-config and Apache Cassandra

About a year ago we released metrics-reporter-config to help us manage the configuration for all of the metrics our applications were generating using Coda Hale’s Metrics library. Since then the number of metrics generated has continued to grow and currently sits at around 600k, available in both Ganglia and Graphite. That’s more metrics than we would like to have with current tooling (a preferable problem to not having enough metrics), and we are looking into ways help engineers cull or detect anomalies.

In addition to our custom analytics systems we run several Apache Cassandra clusters. AddThis has been using Cassandra since way back in version 0.6, and our footprint (in terms of both number of servers and dependent services) has continued to expand along the way. This year we made the leap to virtual nodes and dual-dc clusters, and we’re not looking back.

After a bit of work and some valuable feedback, I’m happy to note that starting in version 2.0.2 Cassandra has a new pluggable metrics reporting feature using metrics-reporter-config. Our graphing systems now have even more metrics to content with, but the improvements for debugging, errors detection, and capacity planning are well worth it!

  • OMG this sounds like good news. How will the new improvements in Cassandra 2.0.2 impact the functionally of the new forthcoming AddThis PRO?

  • Emergency Alerts:

    1) The Welcome Bar is out of whack because the height is too big as it looks like somebody changed the CSS and now it is all messed up, please fix because it’s taking up too much space on my screen. Also the Welcome Bar button is not as nice as it was yesterday.

    2) The Horizontal Recommended Content Layers have shrunken down so small that I can no longer read the titles except for the first couple of words. Also the Vertical Recommend Content Layers are not working today at all.

    It would appear as though something bad has happened last night evidently at AddThis where the CSS got changed around in a bad way, please restore it like how it was yesterday, thanks.

    – Richard Morris

  • Follow-up:

    1) Were the Welcome Bar changes intentional and if so I should adjust my own CSS accordingly or are you still working on making additional changes to the Welcome Bar? Where do we currently stand as Welcome Bar users?

    2) What is the current status on the Horizontal/Vertical Recommended Content Layers I have? The Horizontal Recommended Content Layers are now too small because not enough text is showing and the Vertical Recommended Content Layers are no longer working at all. I do see that the Horizontal Recommended Content Layers on this blog site I am commenting on as of right now are back to normal. So evidently the problems with the Recommended Content Layers are not system wide. What is your immediate plan of action regarding the Recommend Content Layers for end-users like me who are still presently experiencing the issues I have listed?

    – Richard Morris

  • Thanks for your messages, Richard. Yes, the Welcome Bar was updated a few weeks ago, and it is working properly. As for the layer you mentioned, we’re still testing/developing it so we recommend you remove it from your site. The one we’re using on this site is part of Smart Layers, and that’s working well, so you’re welcome to use it. :)

  • The standalone Recommended Content Layers worked perfect for me until two days ago. When are they coming back!?! My problem is the Recommended Content Layer in Smart Layers goes below my copyright which looks wrong, I see you got your copyright below the Recommended Content Layer on this blog site however, not sure how but I could probably figure it out by spending sometime on it. o_O

  • We might be able to help you with that. Send us an email to

  • My message has been sent to as per your request!!! :D

  • Cool! And feel free to email us there directly with any other questions/feedback you may have.

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