• Ktracho13

    Depends on what the customer is reading, I need to make the coupons on my website printable.

  • That’s great point! Coupons are great at engaging visitors. So naturally, printing is a top action taken on your site, right?

  • Ktracho13

    Yes, the coupon section. I need to figure out the printing script or however is that you make it print.

  • If there’s anything we can do to help, feel free to send our support team an email:

  • Mark Cirillo

    Hi there, I wondering what the source of this data is, and whether address bar is a catch-all for various things like email, browser extensions, and the like. Thanks!

  • Brain Sparker

    Print to PDF -> Send to Kindle?

  • Hi Mark! We used our own data for this post. As for address bar, it tracks sharing using that URL which could be shared through different channels (like email), but the number isn’t bundled with other sharing services. Does that make sense?

  • Mark Cirillo

    Thanks for your reply. By your own data do you mean this represents sharing stats amongst your customers? It’s an interesting stat but I wouldn’t want to share it unless I understand the reference. :)

  • Absolutely. Our tools are on over 14 million sites globally, and we process approx. 10TB data every day (so it’s a lot of data).

  • Leila

    Yes, I would love to have my readers be able to print a recipe — and they have asked me for this. How do I enable this feature?

  • localsearchpro

    you would need to make a print version of your css stylesheet.

    here’s a resource for you

  • Althea

    I have made all my free downloads as secured but still printable PDFs. I set the security in Acrobat. People say they dont like to read long documents on screen and prefer to print them out.

  • Nicole Trigger

    Great a

  • PDF is an excellent option since you can send it to your other devices, and paper can get lost, soiled, torn, etc.

    Let’s also not forget advising our site visitors not to print unless absolutely necessary (remember the “think about our planet, don’t print this email” ), and if they’re printing, to use the back side of papers they have from other sources, like conferences, documents already read, etc. This not only saves money since you don’t have to buy as much new paper, it also saves on the time you spend shredding (if you shred, you spend twice as much time shredding single-sided documents than double-sided).

    Let’s keep the waste down and more trees alive!

  • Eliz

    I use google doc then have a link to click that says “print this recipe” or whatever.

  • Interesting sharing feature, i think that printing was something of the past, but it is up to date, nice information Add This

  • Printing isn’t going anywhere for a while, but we’ll keep you posted on trends we see. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  • That’s an interesting way to have your content formatted in a printer-friendly way. Thanks for sharing, Eliz!

  • Good points, Brigitte. Thanks for the tips!

  • Eli Cohen

    WOW this sure is very IMPORTANT and very interesting too!

  • That’s a good point, Althea. That’s another valid reason why many people are printing pages. Print won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  • jocelina

    If you have wordpress you can download the plugin Print Friendly and PDF then you see a pdf and print option at the top and people can click it. Much easier!

  • The Second One

    Yes, i’ve seen print rising in my AddThis stats too, in third place, right behind Facebook and then Twitter. For a site that’s more of a reference site, I like to think that this is giving content that people want to keep.

  • Is the printing figures/data taken solely from a sites sharing functions, or does this include people using the Print dialogue command (CTRL + P)?

  • ben

    legitimate question is are they actually printing or are the 5% just hitting the print button to see what it does? and canceling after? curious how this statistics is calculated because it could be a bloated number…

  • Good question. Let’s see if we get an answer!

  • You’re right, currently we measure the number times people click the AddThis print button. We don’t capture the number of prints using other navigation such as the file menu, and we don’t capture how many times a print job is abandoned for whatever reason. That being said, the number of clicks on the AddThis print button can still be a good indicator that it’s a popular page to print and you might find trends in the types of content people are printing from your site. Great question! Keep them coming!

  • slayerwulfe

    i don’t use paper or ink ever. sorry that i’m not agreeable to whatever it is U want. because i do support share.totally. i have eliminated PDF’s because i don’t need them. no more adobe no more java i don’t need it. i am able and so is everyone else to store everything digitally on picasa and other places.i think i’m more Birgitte Racine than Birgitte is. there is a reason for eliminating printed and the post office, it’s an old joke about a mail box that isn’t funny anymore, it called dispatch and receipt.
    i’d like to know more about why U want to encourage printed.

  • I am certain you’re missing the main point here, Slayer, which is not about necessarily *encouraging* or even *wanting* people to print your content. But people are going to do what they want sometimes and for that reason you want to make it convenient for your visitors to use your site the way they need to.

    While I am much like you in that I do not print much, I love to cook and for my recipe sites, yes, they will absolutely get printed out sometimes because I’m not putting my beloved laptop anywhere near a hot stove with oil popping and flour flying. Wrong or right, I’m just not.

    Bottom line is many do live rather thoughtfully. Not necessarily perfect, but some may choose to wash and reuse plastic freezer bags while others would never use plastic at all and opt for paper wrapping. We can judge back and forth all day – for me it’s enough that we all do a little which impacts a lot.

  • W-ton Locksmiths

    I opt for the pdf too, creature of habit and its nice and simple for an old en like me.

  • Most of the time I click print button to convert any page in to PDF via doPDF. Thanks For sharing interesting analytics @addthis_prod_disqus:disqus :)

    Also my behavior is to share articles on Twitter and Google Plus. Not in Facebook.

  • It’s great to know you learned that from your analytics! It does give you good insight into what content to produce to keep your visitors engaged. Thanks for sharing!

  • slayerwulfe

    i’m not in disagreement and i certainly would never judge, i don’t believe your accusing me of that. you don’t want a computer or tablet close to your stove. do you want paper close to your stove ? neither has to be close, right. the truth is the dino’s need tactile sensation. do U want us as children held back. maybe ‘your’ missing the point, but i do like U. please understand old holds the rest of us back, they resist change.
    if at any time U have something to say to me i will listen and it will always be well received. an after thought, female always calls me slayer i’m pleased but also confused, why ?

  • ? …because your username is SLAYERwulfe and I didn’t feel like typing the whole thing. And the difference between a laptop/tablet and a piece of paper is I haven’t yet found a laptop I could stick on my refrigerator with a magnet while I cook.

  • Tom Roth

    I never paid much attention to the number of print “shares” before, since I was focused on the number of clicks that resulted from the shares more than the shares themselves. For my website, printing was the #2 service. It had only a quarter of the shares that Facebook got over the last year, but Print was almost twice what Twitter received.

    If people are going to print my content, I want to be sure that the printed version looks good, so the reader will keep the printout, look at it later, and be more inclined to visit the website again in the future. Thanks for the article. It also prompted me to delve into the AddThis statistics in more detail than I have before.

  • Wow, that’s fantastic! Isn’t it great to come across data nuggets like this that are actionable, and give you a clear direction to fine-tune your content strategy? Thanks for sharing that with us! This is just the kind of story we love to hear. :)

  • Very interesting, Albert. Thanks for sharing!

  • Glad you found it useful, Eli!

  • It’s interesting to see a lot of folks printing to PDF to view/save on their devices. Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh, and since you made our day with your story, email us your information and we’ll send you a t-shirt. :) Send to

  • Interesting informaton, but do you have YoY figures for the past couple years? That trend would be interesting to see, and do you have the top ten, not just the top five?

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  • Glad you found it interesting!

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