“Show Your Pro” Contest Winners

The moment’s come: it’s time to announce the “Show Your Pro” Contest winners!


Thanks to everyone who submitted their site. We loved looking at the creative ways you’re using AddThis Pro. So, without further delay, here are the winners:

Grand Prize Winners

Prize: one year free subscription to AddThis Pro.

Second Place Winners

Prize: six months free subscription to AddThis Pro.

Third Place Winners

Prize: three months free subscription to AddThis Pro.

We’ll be doing more contests soon, so keep up to date by following @AddThis on Twitter or Facebook.

  • rainer johansson i m ok.i win newer win.i m happy .:-)

  • Giorgos Kanakis


  • Great Posting! You explanation is excellent and clear. I was impressed with this post and am looking forward to reading more from you.Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks so much for choosing us as a winner! We love using Addthis!

  • Yay! We’re so happy you guys won!

  • Yay! We’re so happy you guys won!

  • Do we need to do anything to activate the prize on our account?

  • Nope, you guys are set! We’ll be reaching out to you soon, though. We’d love to have your site highlighted on our blog. :)

  • Awesome – we’d love to be featured :)

  • Hey Francois, we tried emailing you a couple times but seems like it didn’t go through. Can you send a message to

  • Hi – sent an email yesterday. Let me know if you got it