Best Times to Post on Social Media During the Winter Holidays


This past spring, we published the best times to post on social media. The post was so popular that we decided to look at the times of peak engagement during the holidays. Holidays are full of recipe searching, gift shopping, and decorating madness––all of which we witnessed in the clicks and shares across our network. That means your audience is actively engaged, but when and where?

We looked at this year’s peak engagement times for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest during November 17 through December 7. In our research, kept in mind the surge of online traffic many sites experienced during Black Friday and Cyber Monday traffic. All the times listed here are in U.S. Eastern Time.

Shares in the Morning, Clicks in the Afternoon

People are sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn mostly in the mornings, but are generally more likely to click on content within these services in the afternoon beginning at 3PM. Pinterest users both share and click content as they unwind at night, starting at 8PM.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest
Shares 10AM-12PM 11AM-12PM 10AM-12PM 3PM-4PM
Clicks 3PM-5PM 3PM-4PM 3PM-4PM 8PM-11PM

Notice that these engagement times don’t vary drastically from the top click and share times we saw in the spring.

Engage Your Audience During Peak Times

Combining clicks and shares, these are the peak days and times for engagement on each network. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all peak in the morning, while the Pinterest peak is Tuesday afternoons.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest
Clicks & Shares Wednesdays,

The handy infographic at the top has this info ready for you! Just right-click and save it to your desktop so you have it handy before your next Tweet!

Weekend Peak Engagement Times

Peak engagement times for all these social networks fall on weekdays, but we still see a lot of activity happening on the weekends. In fact, there was a similar pattern for weekend engagement. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn engagement tends to occur in the late morning and early afternoon, while Pinterest engagement comes later in the afternoon.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest
Clicks & Shares 12PM-2PM 10AM-12PM 11AM-1PM 3PM-5PM

Your takeaway here: know that your audience is busy prepping and planning for parties, events, and time with family and friends during the winter holidays. So leverage this data, and put these peak engagement times to the test. Start by targeting your audience and getting to know your their habits so you can reach out to them at the right time.


Happy holidays!

  • Bob Toovey

    Great information but do you have anything similar for the UK or Europe in general? Thanks…

  • We looked at the global patterns but not specific to a country or region if that helps.

  • Brandon Luhring

    Would love to have seen specific details around shares on the holidays themselves… Specifically how does the best times to post shift on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. Those are days where people do not spend their time doing what they normally would, so do the best times change on those specific days?

  • What Bob Toovey said – I have no idea how to translate this into UK or Central European Time. Is it even relevant outside California or wherever? Also, I know you’re trying to be inclusive, but isn’t the time of the year we’re talking about here generally known as ‘Christmas’? ‘Winter Holidays’ is just so naffly American.

  • babul

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  • Andrea Korin

    those are really good tips, interesting to see how posting and sharing times fluctuate between seasons

  • Thanks for commenting, keefcooks. The times listed above are in U.S. Eastern Time; however, the data we used is worldwide. We always recommend using this data as a starting point to test what works best with your audience. You may find that it doesn’t.

    Also, we used the term “Winter Holidays” because our data spans November 17 through December 7, which includes holidays and shopping events, along with December holidays being talked about during the beginning of this month. Hope this clarifies the infographic for you!

  • Glad to know you found it useful, Andrea! Let us know if you put this stat to the test with your own audience. :)

  • We <3 your thirst to know more! We'll check back at the end of the year and see what the data shows us. We'll share any interesting nuggets we find!

  • Yes what about the rest of the world. UK ?

  • I like this. I will now know the time to release a news / content on my blog. I usually schedule release of posts every 1:00 PM EST. I think I need to release posts 2 hours earlier than scheduled this time around.

    Did you consider DST on this?

  • laciganoexce

    Very good post,like.

  • I don’t know about holiday vs other times of the year, but I have found posting to Instagram btw 11pm – midnight gets me a lot more likes and follows then posting during the day.

  • That’s great insight! Every audience can be different, so it’s all about finding out what times work best for you!

  • We did consider all time zones (we looked at our global data) and just measured it based on US EST. Certainly use this as a guide to find out what works best for your audience. It might be different!

  • We looked at our data around the world in aggregate, so that does include sharing patterns in the UK.



  • Bob Toovey

    Actually I prefer the term ‘Winter Holidays’ as it’s a general description and not specifying any particular religious event. Also, as regard to times, GMT is 5 hours ahead of eastern time. Easy to look up. If you guys ever get to look at the UK specifically then please do let me know!!!

  • Bob Toovey

    Thanks for the reply. If you do get a bit more specific either UK or Europe then please do let me know!!!

  • Bob Toovey

    How difficult would it be to separate off UK or European data for analysis?

  • ken

    Hi – a little confused. Why is are FB clicks daily 3-5pm when clicks & shares are 12-2pm?

  • The first chart shows peak days, while the second one you’re looking at is peak times during just the weekends. Does that make sense?

  • Sounds like something we should look into!

  • Bob Toovey

    Would be nice! :-)

  • Jack Marco

    Exciting stuff shared over here .Hats off to the blogger.

    jack-seo analyst
    bizbilla b2b portal

  • We wanted to let you know we just published a British edition of this same report. Check it out here:

  • Hey Bob, we just published a British edition of this same report just looking at the British audience. Here’s the infographic:

  • Bob Toovey

    Thanks very much guys, much appreciated!

  • Ken

    I got that but let me use FB as an example.

    My goal is to get the most people to click on a FB link to my blog article and comment.

    There are three categories but let’s first focus on the first two. Shares 10-12 PM-Daily and Clicks 3-5

    Of these two, Clicks 3-5 PM Daily should be best for me.

    Now the other category Clicks & Shares has the best time as 10-11AM on Wednesdays. This is where I am confused for this category shows the best engagement which is my goal. However it is so far off from the Clicks 3-5PM

    I guess I don’t understand the difference between the Clicks only versus the Clicks & Shares and if the
    Clicks & Shares are the best or best engagement for me, why is the best time when people are doing their personal sharing? What do you recommend for my goal?


  • I’ll try to answer your question as best as I can! We call Shares the action a person takes when clicking a share button on your site to post that page to their social network. Clicks are when people on that receiving end are clicking the link that was posted from the share. (Does that make sense?)

    So, for your goal, you essentially want both. You want people to share your content (and broaden your reach) while at the same time getting their network to click back to your site. You’re right in wanting to get more engagement, so what you could do is try to see if publishing content in the morning will help you get more clicks throughout the day.

    This is really only meant to be a guide. So try posting your content on your social networks during the peak share times, and see if that gives you an uptick in your engagement. You should also test and see if posting in the afternoons––or even at night––does a better job. Your audience may be unique, so by testing different times, you’ll eventually find a good time to maximize your audience’s engagement.

    Does this help?

  • ken

    Thanks – I see the difference now!

  • Glad it helped! Let us know if you have any other questions. :)

  • cool thanks so much

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  • We looked at this year’s peak engagement times for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest during November 17 through December 7. In our research, kept in mind the surge of online traffic many sites experienced during Black Friday and Cyber Monday traffic. All the times listed here are in U.S. Eastern Time.