5 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing List

email marketing tips

As a marketer, you’ve probably put a lot of thought and time into building your email list. Growing your subscribers to the highest number possible seems like the best goal to many. But what if we told you that a big number isn’t everything?

The health of your email list might be an even more important metric than overall list size. After all, what good does a large list do if nobody’s reading your emails? In fact, having an email list with poor engagement and a high spam ranking can cause your email service provider to keep your emails away from subscribers who want to receive them.

In our Academy article, “5 Tips to Improve the Health of Your Email Marketing List,” we walk you through the necessary steps to:

  • Remove non-functioning email addresses from your list
  • Wake up readers and re-engage them
  • Let go of readers who are no longer interested in your messages
  • Keep your list healthy as it grows

If you want an engaged list of email subscribers that looks forward to opening and reading each email you send, then read more here.

  • Thanks for this great information. Email marketing is something I struggle with, so appreciate the tips.

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  • This is amazing 5 Tips to Improve Email Marketing List. Thank you so much for sharing your tips.